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Update: Sick Leave Bill 2021

The details of the highly anticipated Sick Leave Bill (“the Bill”) were recently published by the Department of Enterprise Trade and Employment. The Bill will see the introduction of mandatory employer Statutory Sick Pay scheme (“SSP Scheme”) for the first time in this jurisdiction. The Bill provides for an entitlement to a minimum period of paid sick leave for all employees in the event that they fall ill or sustain an injury which prevents them from being able to work. 

Currently in Ireland employers are under no obligation to pay employees while they are sick. The introduction of the bill will cover the shortfall for employees who do not have the benefit of an employer sick pay scheme and also the gap in coverage caused by Illness Benefit which required three days before an application can be made. The current system in place for employees is that after three days of sick leave an employee may apply for benefit of €203.00 (€350.00 if affected by Covid 19). 


 Year Paid Sick Leave 
2022 3 days 
2023 5 days 
2024 7 days 
2025 10 days 

Take Away for Employers: 

The introduction of the SSP will have significant effect on employers. Employers should review their Sick Leave Policies and ensure that financial planning is in place to meet this new payment. 

Authors – Ethna Dillon & Anne O’Connell 

23rd November 2021 

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