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No Notice and No Procedure may have Saved Employer Costs

Workplace Relations Commission: ADJ-00009175

The Complainant worked for the Respondent Company in Accounts and Payroll since 2012 and was on a weekly salary of €900. The Complainant had had an allegation made against her by a co-employee that was unsubstantiated. She was summarily dismissed by email and without any investigation or disciplinary procedure being implemented. The Respondent conceded liability and requested that the matter be dealt on the basis of the assessment of the remunerative losses borne by the Complainant.

Financial loss was calculated to the award of €18,400 as she got new job. This equates to approximately 20 weeks salary, inclusive of notice and any other entitlements the employee may have been due. It appears that in this case, the employer’s actions and admission of liability may have saved it time and cost in the long run.

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27th February 2018

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