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Update On Extension Of Parent’s Leave

The Minister for Children, Mr Roderic O’Gorman, made an announcement on 13th July 2020, that each  parent would be eligible for a three week extension of Parent’s Leave. This would essentially mean that each parent would be eligible for five weeks of Parent’s Leave during the first year of their child’s life and in case of adoption, first year of the placement, i.e. two weeks Parent’s Leave under the Parents Leave and Benefit Act 2019 and three weeks extended leave, as per the announcement of 13th July.

The parents eligible for this extension must have had their children born or adopted after 1st November 2019. This leave, as per the Parents Leave and Benefit Act, 2019 must be used during the first year of a child’s life or first year of their placement, in case of adoption. There is a further proposal for extension of this time limit to avail the leave to ensure that new parents of children born or adopted during the COVID-19 pandemic can avail of their full entitlement of Parents Leave.

The eligible parents would each be entitled to apply for Parent’s Benefit of €245.00 per week.

The proposed extension of Parent’s Leave will come into effect in November 2020, upon confirmation of Budget 2021.

Authors – Anne O’Connell & Chaitra Girish Mallya

30th July 2020

Anne O’Connell Solicitors

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