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Radio Nova ordered to pay Presenter €30,000 in Unfair Dismissal Case.

In a recent decision by the WRC, Dublin-based commercial radio station, Radio Nova, has been ordered to pay €30,000 to a female radio presenter for unfair dismissal. Penelope McGrath, the WRC Adjudication Officer stated that, at the time of her dismissal, the presenter was “given no notice that her radio show was under threat and she was given no opportunity to defend her show”.

The presenter, whose contract was renewed in March 2016, worked 50 hours a week and received an annual salary of €40,000. She stated that her position was terminated without any consideration given to alternative options such as re-skilling, re-training or a reduction in her hours or income.

The Respondent did not dispute the fact that there was no consultative process when making the Complainant redundant but submitted that this in itself did not render the decision unreasonable or invalid. The Respondent also submitted that due to a dip in listenership there was a business requirement for financial cutbacks in a situation where annual loss exceeded the annual percentage increase in what appeared to be healthy enough advertising revenues.

The Adjudicator considered all evidence before her and was mindful of the industry in which the parties are working. Ms McGrath felt that re-instalment would not be an appropriate remedy. She also gave just consideration to the length of the Complainants employment with the Respondent and the fact that the contract to which she was working was only for a year, she awarded the Complainant the sum of €30,000.


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27th February 2018
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